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Complaint Handling Policy

Zonne Building Consultants is committed taking all appropriate and reasonable steps to handle complaints in a timely manner and have a process in place to address problems or issues of non-compliance brought to our attention. Any complaints that pose a life safety risk will be address urgently. This is in line with the VBA Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors and the statutory function of a registered Building Surveyor.

Our Complaints Handling Process

  1. A complainant is required to complete our Complaints Form and submit to our office with full details of the complaint and their contact details. The complainant is to provide all relevant communication history (if applicable) and include photographs of said complaint (if applicable) to assist Zonne with handling the complaint.
  2. Once this form is received it will be directed to the assigned staff member who will review and take the necessary steps to resolve the complaint.
    • Complaint assessed:
      • Evidence gathering
      • Technical advice sought
      • Risk established
      • Project history
    • Compliance or enforcement action progressed (if required)
      • No Further action
        1. Out of jurisdiction
        2. Not substantiated
        3. Refer to another agency
      • Correspondence with parties to resolve concerns
        1. Low-Medium Risk matter
        2. Substantiated pattern of incompetence or negligence yet to be established
      • Referred for full investigation and/or enforcement
        1. High Risk matter
        2. Pattern of incompetence or negligence established
  3. A record will be kept of all complaints and any documents, emails or notes on the job file in our system.
  4. We will respond to the complaint within a reasonable timeframe and in a respectful manner via email and/or phone call to resolve complaint within the Building Surveyor Statutory functions.
  5. If the complaint is a potential life safety issue, we will take urgent action to contact the relevant parties involved or complete an urgent inspection, stop works or take enforcement action.
  6. Where Zonne is unable to resolve the complaint under the Building Surveyor’s statutory function, we will direct all relevant parties to the correct authority where they may seek to additional assistance or information to resolve the complaint. Authorities can include the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Consumer Affairs Victoria, Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) or the Building Appeals Board.
  7. Within the Building Surveyors statutory function, we will endeavor to resolve complaints in a timely manner to ensure satisfactory outcomes for parties concerned.
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