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Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

In 2009 the horrific Black Saturday bushfires devastated the lives of many Victorians that evolved into major changes in the building legislation. As a result all building works in Victoria requires a BAL assessment to be conducted during the design stage of the project.

ZONNE can perform a Bushfire Attack level (BAL) Assessment of your property as part of a building permit application to establish the level of bushfire protection required to be implemented in the construction of your project under AS 3959-2009. More information can be obtained from the Building Commission website on this link.

Voluntary Existing Home Recommendations

The majority of residences in bushfire prone areas pre-date the Australian Standard 3959-2009 regulations that require consideration of bushfire protection measures, meaning existing houses are unlikely to achieve the increased levels of bushfire protection delivered by the new Standard.

As such, the Building Commission and Country Fire Authority (CFA) have joined together to provide practical advice through the development of "A guide to retrofit your home for better protection from a bushfire", for use by those members of the community who wish to upgrade their existing homes to be better protected from bushfires.

The guide is divided into two parts; retrofit for generic ember protection and retrofit protection for various Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL), based upon the Standard. A copy is available here

building permits melbourne
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