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Building Permits and Inspections

Our approach to issuing building permits is to make the process as systematic and streamlined as possible allowing our clients and ourselves to produce prompt responses to permit applications. As our legislation is constantly evolving we aim to take out the complexities on behalf of our clients by supplying informative material and systemizing our practice keeping you ahead and on top of your project.

As part of this service we provide:

  • Assessment of applications for building permit and providing a speedy response.
  • Reviewing architectural, engineering and design documentation.
  • Applications to reporting authorities for consents (MFB, CFA, Councils & Water Authorities).
  • Applications to the Building Appeals Board (BAB) for modifications.
  • Applications to for Town Planning Permits for minor works proposals.
  • Assessment of public protection proposals.
  • Assessment of protection works for adjoining properties.
  • Assessment of fire engineering reports.
  • Issuing of building permits.
  • Issuing of Stage Permits where required.
  • Attend site to discuss construction issues.
  • Mandatory inspections throughout construction and other inspections as required.
  • Issuing occupancy permits and/or certificates of final inspection.
building permits melbourne
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