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Energy Efficiency


New Dwellings

Energy Efficiency has become an increasingly larger part of compliance in today’s building regulations in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in new homes. All new homes are required to achieve a minimum of a 5 Star energy rating and be provided with either a rain water tank connected to the sanitary flushing systems or a solar hot water heater with 60% solar gain.

Alterations to Existing Dwellings

As of the 1 May 2009 existing homes are required to meet the 5 Star Energy Efficiency requirements of the BCA via a 5 Star Energy Rating or by meeting the Deemed to Satisfy requirements. Alteration to existing dwellings do not require a rain water tank or solar hot water heater however in circumstances of shortfalls in ability to reach the required performance of energy efficiency these energy saving measures could be used to compensate the shortfall under the performance provisions of the BCA.


Just like residential properties Energy Efficiency Measures have been implemented into the commercial building regulations in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which were introduced on the 1 May 2006. Compliance with the Energy Efficiency requirements of the BCA can be met by complying with Part J Energy Efficiency, the Deemed to Satisfy requirements in the BCA or by using Energy Rating Software that complies with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Protocol for Building Energy Analysis Software.

House Energy Ratings

Zonne are Registered Energy Raters with the Sustainable Energy Authority and can provide Star house energy ratings using accredited house energy rating software. This method of assessment can be conducted on new and existing Class 1 residential homes, Class 2 apartments and Class 4 caretakers residents associated with commercial properties ie shops, offices etc…

BCA Energy Efficiency Requirements

Zonne can conduct compliance assessments of residential and commercial properties in accordance with the Part J Energy Efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia. These requirements apply to new or alterations to commercial properties.

Energy Rating existing homes for sale or rent

In the near future, as already exists in the ACT, homes for sale and rent in Victoria will be required to be provided with an energy rating. This will have a large impact on the industry as potential buyers and renters may be more likely swing towards energy efficient housing. Zonne can energy rate these homes off the plans or conduct an onsite inspection to create an as built specification.

Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in your Home or Commercial Property

  • Draft seal external door and window openings to prevent air leakage
  • Install draft stoppers over exhaust fans to prevent air leakage
  • Draft seal internal doors to unconditioned rooms to reduce the amount of space required to be heated or cooled (ie bath rooms, laundries, wc’s and internal garage doors)
  • Increase or provide ceiling insulation to maintain thermal comfort levels and reduce heat loss
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs to reduce electricity usage
  • Install adjustable blinds or shutters over windows receiving direct sunlight
  • Install a rain water tank or solar hot water system.
building permits melbourne
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