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Pool Safety

As well as offering speedy building permit services for the installation or alterations to pools, spas and pool barriers we can also provide onsite consulting advice on existing pools or spa barriers.

Many people are simply not aware of the many compliance issues that can arise over time that require continual maintenance or can be caused by minor changes to landscaping to the pool area or neighbouring properties.

By conducting an inspection existing pool barriers you can be sure you have a compliant barrier in place and keep your family and friends safe.

Contact us for an inspection of your pool barrier for peace of mind.


Statistically Victoria’s legislation has shown a large improvement of pool related drowning over the past 20 years however this still remains to be a risk that must continually managed. 19.4% of all deaths of children aged between 0-14 years died due to accidental drowning between 1999-2003 published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 80% of those were under the age of 5 years of which 78% drowned by falling into the pool, not while swimming.

Victoria’s Improvements

Victoria's number of backyard pool fatalities has dropped considerably due to improved safety standards and much tighter laws and regulations, such as installing and maintaining proper fencing and self-closing/latching gates (Building Regulations 2006).

Pools built before 1991

The safety laws apply to pool and spa owners covering the entire enclosure area no matter when they were built. If you own a property where a pool or spa exists and it was built/installed before 8 April 1991, a safety fence/barrier is required to be provided.


A Building Permit must be obtained for a pool (above-ground and indoor) or spa exceeding 300mm in depth and must include details of its type, location, barriers etc. A safety fence/barrier is required before filling the pool with water.

Fines and breaches

Non-compliance attracts fines up to $5,000, and local councils can issue on the spot fines of $200. In addition, penalties of up to $10,000 are prescribed under the Building Act 1993 for building regulation breaches.

Pool Barrier Maintenance

It is the occupiers responsibility to ensure that the pool barrier is maintained in an approved manner.

building permits melbourne
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